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Old 08-09-2005, 08:48 PM   #1
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Default 2002 Volvo S60 Installation (Sportster Replay)

I want to start by thanking this forum. It gave me some great ideas on what to do. This is my first post, but not my last!

This installation was for my 2002 Volvo S60 2.4T. I bought the Replay (before the stinkin’ $30 rebate!) since it was the latest and greatest. I really like how it displays the artist/title immediately when changing channels and before it starts playing. If it's a song I don't like, I keep scrolling. I also like the memory (replay) feature and the ability to store 20 (or so) songs to notify me when they're playing. I’m not really into listening to sports on the radio, so all those features are great for other people – I’m sure.

I was going to have BB or CC to install it, but they weren't going to do it the way I wanted. I didn’t like the idea of the traditional install to the right of the radio. It just didn’t seem safe having to look and reach over that far. I wanted them to mount it to the left of the radio, over the cupholder “dead” space. I wanted my installation as heads-up as possible. Also, I’m sure knees hit those other installations. So I did it myself, saved $100 and the whole thing took less than 2 hours! The thing I like best about my installation is that no mounting kit ending up being necessary. I bought the $20 Bracketron universal mounting kit, but it just didn't seem compatible with the new Replay. I was going to really have to butcher it to make it work. So I’m gonna return it. So that's when I thought up shoving the suction cup mount in the cupholder/keypad opening. It was the most perfect fit possible! It's as sturdy as if I had mounted it in there with screws. I’m not sure if the S40/80s etc have this same opening.

Here’s my installation:

Getting the radio out was easy. I followed the instructions at: Note their warning about disconnecting the climate control unit. It will be tempting, but I worked around it. I did unhook the radio and there weren’t any programming problems with that. It in fact retained all of my presets. I didn’t have the special tools they recommend. I just took a small flat head screwdriver and wrapped masking tape around it so that I wouldn’t scratch anything. I ran the antenna wire along the dash - all along pushing it in with my taped-up flathead screwdriver. All wires are completely concealed.

The only drilling I had to do was in the cupholder (see image).

I decided to mount the antenna inside. I tried it like this for a week on the (metal) dash speaker before installing and the reception has been great. Also, I don't have to worry about someone yanking it off or advertising to thieves "Sirius Inside". You can see it up on the dash, secured down with double-sided tape. Then I pushed it along side the door frame and then I removed the bottom panel to the left of the passenger seat (with a small coin in the slot) to go above the vent.

I tapped in the power using squeeze connectors from Radio Shack. The Replay cigarette lighter adaptor has 2 black wires, one with a white stripe. I assumed that was the hot wire and was right.

Then I shoved everything into the cupholder.

Future project: I did research on ditching the FM modulator and plugging into the stock radio. It seems like the new Melbus cables for iPods should work, but I’m not positive. I bought the cable (, but I decided not to install it yet. I want to wait to hear what people are doing with it. It has a round 8-pin DIN on both ends. You can see from my picture of the back of the stock radio that it has two. I assume if I plug it in to either it will think I have 10disc CD changer and I can tune to it. But I will need to splice it into the Sportster line-in to make it work. Once I do that – I can’t return it. The FM modulator works decently in Washington, D.C. on 88.1, but I get a high pitched sound occasionally. I just need to experiment with other freqs.

Here’s something pretty funny….notice the fuel gauge? I ran out of gas on the way to work the next day! I forgot that this car is very stealthy about notifying the driver they’re low on gas.
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Old 08-09-2005, 08:53 PM   #2
Michigan Made
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2002 Volvo S60 Installation (Sportster Replay)
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Welcome to Sirius and the SBS!!

Nice install and directions.

I have one question: can you see it when you drive?


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Old 08-09-2005, 09:12 PM   #3
Just Tuned In
Join Date: Aug 07, 2005
Posts: 2
glennbe is on a distinguished road

Thanks for the welcome MM. Yep - I can view the whole thing. The pic at gives a good angle from my perspective, but I can see even an inch further to the left. With the suction cup as the mount, I could move it much further to the right. I can in fact angle it so that the passenger can see it.
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