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SIRIUS Dogstar Cafe Crank up the music on your SIRIUS radio, grab a seat at the bar and let's talk SIRIUS.

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First time visitor? Please read the FORUM GUIDELINES
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Default First time visitor? Please read the FORUM GUIDELINES


Please Note: SIRIUS Backstage is completely independent. Although SIRIUS representatives do occasionally participate in the SIRIUS Backstage community, they do not approve or control the content found here. Please visit for official company matters.


* Read the SIRIUS Backstage FAQ

We've taken the time to compile a database of commonly asked questions relating to the SIRIUS service and hardware. Please look here first, chances are your question can be answered without creating a post in the forums.

* Use the SEARCH function to see if your question has already been answered in the Forums.

While we try to make sure every post gets answered, it simply is not efficient for our team of experts to reply to the same topics each day. By doing a little research up front, by reading your radio owner's manual and utilizing the search feature, we can have a better experience for everyone involved.

There are thousands of help, installation and troubleshooting tips and tricks in our extensive database. There is a good chance that your topic has already been covered by a previous message thread. To make a successful search: first try a broad keyword and select 'Search for all terms'. Even if you yield many results, you can always go back and add another keyword to the search box. The search engine produces more results for relevant keywords rather than lengthy descriptions. Furthermore, if you know the general category that your search target is in you could restrict your search to the respective category only by using the "Category" pull-down menu. Even better, if you know what forum your topic will be in, just select the exact forum from the "Forum" pull-down menu.

For example:

A bad search:
my audivox radio has lots of static
A good search:
audiovox AND static
* Read the SIRIUS Insiders forum for updated company and programming info.

All official company press releases and service announcements can be found in the SIRIUS Insiders forum. You can also visit the front page to view recent activity on the site. This is the heart of the website and features new posts, company news and other service announcements.

* I'm a First time poster, what should I do?

When posting, always select the appropriate forum for your topic. The descriptions provide good insight into what does and does not belong in each category. For instance, The Sirius Dogstar Cafe is for general SIRIUS topics. If your topic relates in any way to equipment, choose the Sirius-Ready Radio & Receivers forum. All installation and troubleshooting requests are best suited for the Install Garage or Help Desk. Make sure your post subject is relevant to your question. The topic should adequately reflect the content of the thread. Do not be offended if a moderator moves your topic to a more appropriate forum.

* Have a technical or hardware related question?

Provide as much information as possible when asking a technical question. Chances are, there is already a thread in progress that will help you find an answer to your question. Take time to scan the most recent posts in the Help Desk and Radio & Receivers forum before creating a new post.

* What radio should I get?

While we're more than happy to recommend a radio solution that will work best for you, we cannot decide for you. Before requesting information about a specific radio, please visit the Product Matrix for useful reviews, specs, photos and other resources to help with your purchasing decision. If you're still unsure of what route is best for you, then ask. Please refrain from soliciting the 'best deal' on a radio. We will share special offers and promos as they become available. People who constantly solicit this info only clog the forums with useless posts and make it difficult to extract useful information.

* Staying On Topic

Online communities are organic, and like real conversations it's easy to get side tracked. Minor diversions are to be expected, but please try to maintain relevance to a particular topic. Straying off topic makes it difficult for other members to follow conversations, so straying off topic will not be tolerated.

* Private Messaging

While we do encourage a variety of off topic discussions in the appropriate forums, sometimes discussion between two members is best executed via private message. Please keep help and install questions in the forums so everyone can benefit from the answers.

* Signatures and Avatars

Appropriately sized photos or graphics are allowed to be linked to in your avatar or post signature. Please keep avatars to a maximum size of 125(w)x100(h) and no larger than 100kb. Signatures should be text or graphics with a maximum of 300(w)x50(h) and no larger than 10kb. Sexual, vulgar, controversial and political themes should be avoided.

* Play it Forward!

If you have had a question answered by a fellow Backstager, try to step in when you can. If you see a topic that you've encountered before, please speak up and share the knowledge. It helps everyone get the most out of their SIRIUS radios.


* Do not "bump" or repost threads to move them to the top of the forum topic list.

* Do not email or private message the site Moderators or Admins asking questions that others would benefit from including technical help.

Post your question in the forums, where they have the best chance of being answered. The site Admins do not have the time or resources to answer individual questions via email or PM.

* Do not spam the forums with unsolicited advertising.

If you are interested in advertising with SIRIUS Backstage, please contact the site Admin via the Contact page. Individuals wishing to sell or trade used radios are allowed to in the Sirius XChange forum. Any spam of unsolicited offers posted by resellers or vendors will be subject to removal.

* No Ads

Links/banner ads on the forums or in user signatures/avatars to for-profit sites, or to competitors of SIRIUS or SIRIUS Backstage, are prohibited and will be removed. If you are interested in advertising via the forums, please contact the Site Admin.

* Do not be abusive.

Abuse, profanity, personal harassment, or any other type of negative behavior will not be tolerated. Backstage encourages a variety of viewpoints, and we expect our members to be respectful of each other even if there is a disagreement. Intelligent, insightful discourse is the only avenue of communication that will be tolerated.

* No Blatant Grudges or "Fanboyism"

SIRIUS Backstage will always feature mostly pro-SIRIUS fans. Our site is specific to the SIRIUS service, but there will always be comparative references made to other radio competitors. Honest discussion of the pros and cons of each service is to be expected, however blatant flaming or cheap shots against competitive services will not be tolerated.

* No Trolling

No posts that seek to start a flame war or argument will not be tolerated. Members doing so will have their posts deleted and will be banned from the site.

* No Profanity

While we usually do not censor for content, we do strive to create a positive experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. Foul language may be removed or edited if necessary.

* No Aliases

Members registering multiple accounts for deceptive purposes will be identified and banned.

* No Cross Posting

Please do not start more than one topic (in the same OR different forums) with the same question or message. Use discretion to pick the most relevant forum and post only once. Your post will not get more exposure by starting multiple threads. It simply leads to clutter and disjointed conversations. Moderators will lock or delete duplicate topics, so refrain from doing so.

* No Excessive and Unnecessary Posting

Posting just to raise your post count (aka post whoring) - will not be tolerated in any form. We have an established system in place, and respect and discretion is asked for when you do decide to join in. Take time to read and learn before posting. We always encourage new members to take an active role in our community, but if you think you will get more respect having more posts, you are mistaken. Quality and intelligence should be strived for in all discussions. The Moderator Team reserves the right to change a user's post count when a user has violated this guideline.

* No Misleading Titles

The post title should be representative of the messages content. Make sure the subject is descriptive and clear. Misleading, hateful or angry titles will be edited by the Site Moderators.


When you type in all caps or use bold fonts in an online space, this implies that you are shouting. Not only this, but colored or large size fonts make it difficult to read. Please use standard type when posting here.

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