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SIRIUS S50 You asked for it, now you got it! A forum all about the SIRIUS S50.

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We tried to remember all the questions and answers that had been covered and I am sure we left some off. If you know of any that we need to inlcude please let us know in the regular S50 thread. We recommend all new S50 owners read through this FAQ before posting any questions in the S50 thread.

Revised 4/01/06

I uploaded my MP3's but they aren't showing up on my S50 Media Player, what did I do wrong?

Make sure you have the My Sirius Studio software installed. You should ONLY use the Sirius Studio Software to upload content and create playlist on your S50 Media Player. Once you've connected your S50 to the PC and it shows up in the Sirius Studio Software, you can create playlist and you simply drag and drop the MP3 or WMA's that you wish to store into the specific playlist. Once they are finished uploading, make sure you eject the S50. You should then find your MP3's/WMA's in the playlist on your S50. You CAN delete content from your S50 Media Player using the My Sirius Studio software by highlighting the track on the S50 Media Player Window (which maybe in a specific playlist) hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard. A confirmation window will pop-up. Your selection is now deleted from the S50 Media Player. You can also delete using the Content Management menu on the S50 to delete content It is NOT recommended that you use Windows Media Player to manage your S50 content. You can also delete "LOVED" songs and shows by holding down the "Play/Pause button on the Media Player itself, you'll get a confirmation YES or NO.

How do I disconnect the S50 from my PC?

Click the eject icon next to the graphic of the S50 in the My Sirius Studio Software. It's the triangle with the line under it. You'll get a message that it now safe to remove your device, you can remove the USB cable from the S50. You'll need to do this when you've completed loading MP3's/WMA's, creating playlist or checking for firmware updates. (NEVER JUST UNPLUG) the S50 Media Player without ejecting it as the Media Player and the MSS maybe writing to your S50 memory, which could cause it to become corrupt.

My Battery doesn't work, I can only get power when its plugged into the dock.

You must remove the battery cover and take the plastic strip off the battery connections. The battery cover slides off and it is very hard to remove initially. Remove the battery, pull the plastic strip off, reinsert it into the S50 Media Player, you should now have a working battery.

Can I use my S50 Auto Cradle at home?

Yes, you need to buy an AC to DC power supply. (Make sure you buy one that puts out at least 1000 mAh or 1 AMP) The included Cig Adapter Power Cable will plug directly into this power supply. (The included cable has built in limiting circuitry to make sure your tuner doesn't get but 5 volts and no more than 1.5 amps so do not directly plug in anything else to your cradle kit) You'll then hook up the antenna, which may need to be placed outdoors if possible. It has also been recommended to give the auto antenna a ground plane to use a pie plate or other type metal sheet. Plug in the audio-out cable to your stereo, pc speakers or whatever source you wish to use and you are all set. On a side note: It has also been reported that some are using the 5 volt 2.0 AMP Max AC adapters that are used for home kits of XM2GO and RoadyXT tuners. (Do this at your own risk and we can't recommend you doing this)

Can I record from Music Channels?

Yes since the version 1.0.10 firmware update you can record from music channels.

Can I record Howard Stern?

You can Record Howard Stern, but you must set two back to back 2 hour recording sessions. You cannot listen to the first 2 hours while the second two hours are recording. Hopefully a firmware update will allow for longer recording sessions.

Scheduled Recordings

You can set the S50 to record future programs and store them in memory. When scheduling a recording, you can specify the channel, date, time, duration, and the frequency of recording (once, daily, Monday-Friday, or weekly). You can schedule up to 20 recordings and a maximum of 2 hours each per recording session. Note: In order for the S50 to successfully record a program, the unit must be docked, connected to a power source, connected to the antenna, and receiving a good signal. When in the vehicle dock, the unit must be turned on at the time of the recording. When in the home dock, the unit does not have to be turned on at the time of the recording

Saved Material: Songs, shows, or downloaded songs are stored in four categories:

My Sirius Channels: This category consists of three playlists which are automatically created and contain songs or comedy from the three music and/or comedy channels you listen to most. Content from these channels are stored in playlists named after the channel name. Individual songs cannot be browsed as a list.

My Sirius Songs: This playlist contains individual songs saved from music broadcast channels, except if they have been saved during a scheduled recording. Songs and sets are grouped by genres for easy browsing.

My Sirius Shows: This playlist contains news, sports, or talk shows and scheduled recordings saved from the Sirius broadcast channels. They are grouped by sub-categories which are named after the channel from which they are saved. Sports games are saved in subcategories names My NBA zone, My NFL zone, etc.

My Sirius Playlists: This playlist contains MP3 and WMA audio files which you have downloaded from your computer using the supplied My Sirius Studio software.

I deleted one or more of My Sirius Channels and I can't seem to get them back?

When going to content management and deleting one or more of your My Sirius Channels, it will not immediately start recording those channels again. But you can use the following method to get your channels back so that they record again.

Say you want channel 18, to be one of your My Sirius Channels; tune to that channel and then shut down, remove from dock and then replace in the dock. The player will power up and be on Channel 18. Leave it there for 15-30 minutes and it will start recording to your new My Spectrum (channel 18) or whatever channel you have selected.

How big is the hard drive?

The S50 actually has memory not a hard drive. It 1 gig flash memory and segmented to provide space for your own MP3's/WMA's, 3 favorite My Sirius Channels and "LOVED" songs. MP3/WMA space is limited to 512 MB max with the rest for SIRIUS content.

When is the next firmware update?

It has been confirmed that SIRIUS is working on another update. They have given no time frame for the release of this update. Make sure if you have not done so already that you update to version 1.3.15.

The My Sirius Studio Software has been updated to version It now has a feature that will allow you to restore your S50 to factory defaults, you can check if you have the latest firmware and baseband versions, this specific version also allows you to upgrade to the latest channel line up as of 3/14/2006 (channel logos, wallpapers, voice tags) You can download this software from the SIRIUS webs site HERE.

Is there a version of the My Sirius Studio software for the Mac?

Currently the My Sirius Studio Software is only available to support Windows 2000/Windows XP Home and Pro.

How do I check to see if a firmware update is available?

You must install the My Sirius Studio Software. Once you get it installed and you get your S50 Media Player connected, go to FILE/Device Settings. You'll get a pop up screen. Now click on Check for Software Update. You'll then see the date of your current firmware and it will show if there is an update available. The MSS software will automatically look to check your current version and automatically download it, though this has not worked for everyone.

Is there a way for Macintoch users to get do a firmware update even though the MSS software isn't supported?

Yes there is currently a procedure for doing a firmware/software update using a Mac Computer connected to the media player via the USB Cable. We are currently confirming this procedure with Sirius and will make it availble once it is approved for release.

You can check out this thread for information on manually updating your S50 if you have a Mac.

How can I update my Channel Logo's, Wallpapers and Voice Tags?

You must have the latest version of the My Sirius Studio Software installed. Connect your S50 using the USB Cable. The MSS with a connection to the internet can communicate with the S50 to download these updates. These updates take about 15 minutes and you need to leave your S50 connected in order to get this update. Make sure you eject your S50 and not simply unplug it from the USB cable as it maybe in the middle of an update. I will give you a warning if you use the eject button that it is busy downloading.

How long does the battery last?

The battery is said to last 6 hours. It is recommended that you initially cycle your battery. (Make sure it is fully charged, and then use it on battery until the media player dies) Now once you recharge it fully you will have cycled your battery. The battery with the display turned down to its lowest setting and set to only stay on for 15 seconds when you change channels etc, will provide you between 5 and 6 hours. If you leave the display on all the time, you'll only get about 3 hours of battery life.

Can I use the S50 to Transmit the FM Signal to my other radios?

The S50 Media Player does not broadcast the FM Signal without being docked in the Auto Cradle. The FM Trans is actually built into the Auto Cradle.

When using the S50 Media Player in the Home Kit will it transmit the FM Signal to my other radios?

The Home Cradle Kit does not have the FM Trans built into it. You will need to use an Auto Cradle if you wish to have the ability to use the FM Trans or some other type FM Trans for use at home.

I can't seem to turn my S50 Media Player off when it's not docked!

You must hold down the Playlist button for 2 second, this will then shut it down. Make sure the button lock is not on or you'll have to turn if off before any of the buttons will work.

When I pause my S50 Media Player when it is undocked, it seems to shut down?

Apparently this is suppose to be a feature to save battery life. This was some what addressed with the recent firmware update, but still turns off without warning. There is no setting to change this in the menu, the auto-off feature is not the same thing.

Can you delete songs or shows with the Media Player Buttons?

You can delete songs/shows by playing them, then press-hold the pause/play button on the portable. A menu asks if you want to delete. Select "Yes. You cannot delete "My Sirius Channels" in this manner.

Can you "LOVE" songs without the S50 Media Player being docked in the cradle?

Yes, you hold down the PLAY button for 2 seconds, you'll see the "Heart" logo come up on the display and the small heart in the right hand bottom corner until it is completely moved to your My Sirius Songs. You cannot "LOVE" Canadian Channels or BBC1.

The My Sirius Songs and My Sirius Channels seem to fade in and out, did I do something wrong?

The S50 apparently fades at the beginning and ending of songs. There is nothing you can do to change this. When listening to the My Sirius Channel it becomes somewhat annoying. UPDATE: It appears that this was addressed in the latest firmware update, however it is still hit or miss.

When I am listening to my S50 Media Player and then turn it off, if I come back later and power it up, the S50 doesn't remember where it was last playing am I doing something wrong?

We have found no way to make the S50 Media Player remember where it left off when you shut it down. It seems to go back a song and sometimes where it starts playing even seems random. This has been turned in as a bug. The S50 really needs some sort of auto resume or boomark feature.

Is there a way to back-up saved content from your S50 Media Player?

There is no official way to do this. Maybe there will be a way provided in future updates to the My Sirius Studio Software.

I found a small cable with an 1/8" jack what is this for?

This is a wired FM Antenna, which plugs into the FM-Out on the S50 auto cradle kit. This is to enhance the FM signal being transmitted so that your Radio will recieve a better signal from the S50.

Will MySiriusChannels save talk channels?

No, MySiriusChannels will only record your (3) most listened to music and/or comedy channels.

Does the S50 and it's docks require seperate subscriptions?

No. The media player holds the subscription, not the cradles. You can use as many docks as you wish with no additional subscriptions.

What is the phone number to contact tech support for the S50?

Do not call Sirius Customer Service. Contact Sirius S50 Product Supoort @ 1-800-869-5364
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