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Stiletto's not just for shoes. Come here to talk about the new SL2, the SL100, or the SL10. Share tips, tricks and pointers, all available via WiFi...just like your music!

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Old 11-12-2006, 12:39 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by rustytrombone
That's odd as it sounds like something has gone wrong. That dude that gets the signal from the S50 inside what does your ANTENNA STRENGTH say it's picking up? Compare it to the little signal the Stiletto is picking up.

If they are different, that may indicate there is a issue with that particular radio.
Both units are right next to one another. The S50 on either the Exec dock or my home dock is perfect. The Stiletto with the "SWEET" SAT headset is Aquiring Signal.... makes no sense to me unless the antenna on the Stiletto is not as powerful in the in/outdoor antenna on the S50 docks.

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Old 11-12-2006, 02:02 PM   #17
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Who do they have designing these things? The blind? People with NO HEADS???? God dammit that's irritating to me.

HMMMM lets see....XM has one and it sucks, I KNOW LET'S COPY THEIRS AND MAKE IT SUCK EVEN HARDER!!!! WINNER!!!!

What could the thought process have been on these headphones???? Geez, get a real set of headphones, and glue the god dam micro antenna on top, snake the wire to the headphone wires.

It's GOTTA work better than what you are dealing with.
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Old 11-12-2006, 10:15 PM   #18
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Default Update....

I'm much happier now. Tonight I'm able to get great reception with standard ear buds. Currently the Stiletto is sitting 5 feet from a window in the kitchen and it has been paying nonstop for hours filling up my radio repeats. I'm sure it has something to due with the SAT orbits.
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Old 11-13-2006, 05:18 PM   #19
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Default Day 2 with the new Stiletto

Nightime is a friend of the Stiletto. I'm sitting at my PC in the middle of my house. The closest window is 30 feet away. I'm getting an uninterrupted signal with the antenna headset. I'm beginning to like this. Going to Salt Lake in the morning, so I'll give it a shot traveling this week and see how it performs live from the airports.
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Old 11-19-2006, 09:56 PM   #20
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Default I had Mine For Three Days

I purchased my Stiletto on a Sunday Evening and returned it on a Wednesday
evening. I am very savy when it comes to electronics and tend to purchase for the most part the very best I can afford for the money. I am a truck driver and roughly changed jobs three months ago. I now drive a grand total of two hours out of an elevin hour shift. I spend 90 percent or better of my time out side of the truck fueling postal vehicles and trucking companies. I have been a proud Sirius subscriber for two years or better and had the Sirius Sportster from the day it was released witht he car kit and the Boom Box. The only problem I ever faced with it was Aquiring Signal Problems from poor connection to the car dock between it and the antenna and not being able to listen to it outside of the truck. Then, alas down from the radio god came the Stiletto. Circuit City was so confident here in Mobile Alabama they put in an order for two of them. WoW ! I dropped the nearly $400.00 with tax included and got it ! I was so happy. I had it turned on and working in the parking lot. Hmmm ? No Signal. I stood outside in the parking lot, in the wide open. No trees, Nothing and it was as clear a night as you could ask for. One Bar ? This is no good. So, To the house I went. I stayed up till 5 A.M reading the book and trying out all of the neat functions. First thing I did was set the record option so I could catch Howard the next night while at work. I sleep all day and work at night. Next night: Get to the truck and start Howard. So I thought. I knew it would not record in Wi Fi so you already know how I recorded. Live. No good. Not even next to the window at the house. Missed the whole show. Signal was never better than a one bar and getting in and out of the cab's of the trucks made for a terrible adventure. The damn antenna earphones kept falling off and I kept loosing reception and missing the show. I also got blisters in my ears after the first hr from the hard plastic ear phones. Just less than three hrs into the show, dead batt. Backup battery dead after 45 minutes. No good ! I work 11 hrs or better. Car dock you say. $65.00 I say and I am not in the truck. Home dock you say. I am asleep at home. Don't need it. Spare Batteries ? Can't charge them all in one night. This thing is great for a home body or an office person. No good for my particular occupation. So, I took it back. They gave me a gift card and told me it would be twenty one days till I could get a cash return cause I purchased with a check. I called tech support prior to taking it back. They knew less than I did about the Stiletto. I was able to answer questions they had about it. The tech guy at Circuit City had yet to see one out of the package and knew nothing about it at all. Could answer no questions for me about it at all either.
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Old 11-19-2006, 10:07 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by sixxcolors
I am very savy when it comes to electronics
...but not in the use of proper spelling or paragraph formatting.

As you certainly have not read on this forum (*ahem* troll alert), the bulk of Stiletto buyers are enjoying the unit and are very satisfied. Variation of signal reception based on location is one of the known issues with SDARS generally even with non-portable units.

Who cares what you think, your posts are annoying so go away!
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Old 11-19-2006, 10:34 PM   #22
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New Stiletto - going back....
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Thus far (10) post sixxcolors has and they all about the fact that the Stiletto didn't work out for him. I think we got the message there sixx. But one thing we know for sure is your experience is the exception rather than the rule from what I am reading here on the forum.

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