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The Doghouse Here is where people are talking everything not SIRIUS related. So be cool, be smart and have something to say!

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Old 08-29-2003, 08:58 PM   #1
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Default Customer Oriented

As most people know I am a technician at a Best Buy. Basically I fix idiots computers that are to stupid to run Live Update and Windows Update on their software and don't know how to setup a Router or some other thing.

I got a call today from a lady wanting to check on her computer the tag was named Steve Doi. And it was on the bench and I was going to work on it. And the previous guy had a note on it about not being able to install the XP updates getting a cryptographic message whenever we tried to install it. I didn't really know a lot about it but that's what or or Knowledge Base is great for. And she called and I said I hadn't touched it this morning because I had about 4 computers ahead of her but It was slated to be worked on today. I told her I didn't know what that message was. She said well how can you fix it if you don't know what's wrong with it. I said I know what's wrong with it I just have to educate myself on this proper matter. She was like I don't like your customer skills I wanna talk to your manager. So I was like okay and I did a transfer to 2021 which is the store managers extension. Didn't hear anything about it. I had it fixed before I left today just had to go to a command line an re-register some DLL's. With regserv blah.dll. I had two computers with this problem.

That was customer #1

Customer #2 is a lot shorter. He's had his camera's in for a cleaning under the Product Service Plan which are fairly pointless we just open them up and take a special Q-Tip like thing and dip it in this special video head cleaner we have and spin the head about 10 times and clean it. It's a rather simple task but nobody really wants to do it since it's so simple and a waste of time. But do it when the customer complains enough. Anyway this guy did his camera's had been there about 4 days. Wanted to know when they were going to be done so I stepped in the back talked with the Supervisior and he said he would do it tonight and they would be ready 1st thing in the morning. And he wanted more details then that. I was like that's all I know I've been off for 2 days and wasn't aware of the camera's because they are not assigned to me. So he was like okay and walked off.

Few minutes later my supervisor comes back and said the customer was pissed with the way I dealt with him. I was told that I need to "flower" the conversation and seem more positive. I was told that I am to cut and dry and more project oriented rather then customer oriented. I was told I tell it like it is and that wasn't a good thing.

So customers want to be told things in a posiitve way. I prefer just being told straight up what the hell is going on. Is it wrong to be project oriented in a job where your tech related skills don't really seem to matter if you can't sell that service plan. Or tell the customer honestly what is going on.

Biggest complaints...
Customer: Why the hell is my laptop taking so long.....
Reason: Our service center could not fix it so we shipped to CA, TX, or TN for a manufacture to fix it and since they are not on the same system as us we have 0 updates. It will get back when it gets back. Also we cannot call the company or service center since they will tell us the exact same thing. Oh yeah you really calling them is going to get them moving. It may get us moving for an instore repair so we don't have to hear the managers shit but some dude in Cali doesn't care.

Customer: Why is there such a long wait?
Reason: We have tons of other shit in the back. Any given time we have over 50 computers in our bay waiting to be fixed with some crappy problem that your to stupid to research and then you bitch about having to pay us $60 for us to check it out for an hour. Then you bitch about having to buy another HDD and then you don't want us to install it so you buy it take it home fuck it up and then come blame us.

Customer: Why is it so expensive?
Reason: There is a sucker born every 2nd and we take advantage of them. $59.99 for an OS install or system restore. $60 for hour Diagnosis. $29.99 for memory install. $39.99 for any card install.. $39.99 for Virus removal. You get a free setup when you buy a new PC. Basically all we do it turn it on and click Next so you don't have to when you turn it on. You can pay an extra $24.99 for us to run MSCONFIG and update your OS. But our update is Dec 2002. Not that recent.

Customer: Why can't you just hook it up and tell me what's wrong with it.
Reason: Because I was told I need to collect $60 1st. If you tell me your problem I can give you a basic diagnosis which will probably be wrong and I will laugh. My modem won't connect. Well either your Modem is Fuc*** your ISP is horrible or just get Broadband. Or your motherboad is bad and your PCI slots might be fried. Some ini or DLL is missing or corrupt. Your registry could be bad. You might have a Virus. You might need to restore your system. I don't have time to fix your computer for free when I have 50 ahead of you is that fair to them. But customers don't seem to care about other people since they can't see them and want results now.

All and all working with the public is not my thing. I want to sit in a back room with my stuffed linux penguin on top of a monitor just having computers come to me with no names and I just fix them in order with no customers to worry about. Pay somebody else to do that. I am better with machines then I am with people.

But I'm the only tech who understands RAID, Linux, Networking and many other things. One tech didn't know that FAT16 has a limit of 2.1GB do you really want people like that working on your PC? No.... You want some asshole who will get it done right the 1st time who isn't nice to deal with.

I guess being a deep voiced 6'4'' fairly big guy who tells it like it is can be scary. But you want me to say little pixies invaded your computer also known as a Virus and it will be $91.77 for me to remove Blaster for you.

$29.99 for NAV
$19.99 for NAV Install Service
$39.99 for use to Remove Blaster and Install the XP Updates
+ 6% tax.
91.77 to remove the magic pixies. And no a Service Plan does not cover Virius problems. We don't shove copies in your face for our benefit we expect you to read them.

That's all for now.
-Tristan Pipo
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Old 08-29-2003, 09:03 PM   #2
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It's settled.

You'd make a far better engineer than attorney, preacher, or used car salesguy.

But I bet you knew that!
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Old 08-29-2003, 09:18 PM   #3
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I know how ya feel!! I work in a grocery stores Deli/Cafe and about 90% of my job involves interaction with customers. It sucks, but it also puts good money in my hands so I am somewhat happy. But you will not catch me doing this stuff after college.
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