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The Street Converse with other investors about finance, economic and investment strategies. This is also the place to discuss SIRIUS XM company news and your favorite stocks.

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Old 10-01-2005, 10:12 PM   #16
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You picked an excellent entry point but I'd try to buy a few more shares and do it quick before Jan when Stern comes on board. 100 shares ain't much but you can add, just don't wait too long.

It's a good point because Siri recently dropped from over $7 so it will probably shoot up again. I just retired and got a nice Gov't buyout of and a big sum from my Thrift savings account plus $8,000 for my vacation leave. I'm also coming into a big court setttlement from an accident.

I'll get some of that money before Siri hits $7 and I'll buy another 2,000 shares or more.

The rest is being invested at 7% and will double in 10 yrs. Kicker is, you have to leave it in for 10 years for the 7%.

Siri should go over $7 again before Stern comes on and go up even higher. Accept for buying in a hurry, I ain't touching that $$ until after Stern comes on.

All that is just my humble freaking opinion.
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Old 10-03-2005, 07:26 PM   #17
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mr. trap i see you know the rule of 72

i wouldnt beat myself up over when to buy and not to buy because from here on out i beleive it wont drop to much before going up. i bought it at $6.61 and it went up to 7.50 i could have sold and made that 80 bucks on my 103 shares. instead i didnt want to sell it because i didnt want to risk it going up while i sold out. instead it droped to what it is now $6.50. i could have taken the money it earned me and bought even more shares but no one ever knows when it will do what.

i think the point here is knowing that the stock wont go down much lower but it will go a lot higher.
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Old 10-03-2005, 11:12 PM   #18
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Originally Posted by 4BAMA
manco is right. difficult to pick tops or bottoms. i have bought sirius at different levels. anywhere from .75 to 7/shr . i think there is alot of money to be made in the coming years.

sirus is one very cool service that both auburn and bama fans can agree is cool. the investment in sirius has been way cool for me
From a few recent financial articles (and the concept that I learned in 8th grade):

Originally Posted by USA Today
New Baltimore, MI: If you could pick one stock that you would never imagine selling, what would it be?

Matt Krantz: There isn't one. The No. 1 rule for investors is to never fall in love with stocks. You should always be prepared to sell a stock once your unrealized loss reaches about 10% of what you paid. That way -- you can avoid catastrophic losses that are difficult to recover from. If the bear market taught us anything, it's that there's no such thing as a "safe" stock. Even AAA-rated blue chips, such as GE and ADP, have seen their stocks get destroyed in this bear.

Have sell rules -- and stick with them -- and you'll save yourself some major pain.

Originally Posted by David Chandler
Just like your favorite team, you can’t win every time. So, to protect yourself against losing, get out when your stop loss tells you – don’t let your love for a stock paralyse you. In this way, you’ll sustain a small loss, but have enough money left to go in on a winning trade.

So, never attach emotion to a trade – treat them all the same and trade your strategy. And always have a stop loss in place. Don’t rely on mental stops as love can make you do crazy things!

NEVER FALL IN LOVE with a stock.
And of course...

Originally Posted by Investing cliche
"Never fall in love with a stock, because it will never love you back."

Just sayin'.
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